Adding Aptus Micromix Soil creates a rich benign soil life that ensures optimal growing conditions in the substrate.

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During the production process of growth substrates the micro life is destroyed or sterilized so that harmful elements are eliminated. The disadvantage of this is that the benign elements are also destroyed. This makes the substrate more susceptible to epidemics and diseases. It is important that the substrate has a rich benign soil life in order to prevent problems and improve growing conditions.

By adding Aptus Micromix Soil, a rich benign soil life is created that ensures optimal growing conditions in the substrate.

Enzymes produced by benign bacteria convert accumulated nutrient salts into small, absorbable pieces. In addition, benign microorganisms protect the roots against malignant microorganisms.

Micromix is available in two types of powder forms: Soil & Drip. Both contain a mix of microorganisms and stimulants. These microorganisms have been selected for action and specially treated for use in the mix.

To guarantee the shelf life of the micro-organisms, they are fixed on a special substrate. This substrate nourishes and protects the micro-organisms. As a result, you can be confident that the microorganisms will be effective immediately after application.

Mix 0.5-1 grams per litre through the substrate or sprinkle 1 gram Micromix Soil into each planting hole when transplanting. Optional: maintain after 21 days with Micromix Drip.

Use Micromix Soil during the growth phase for healthier young plants and less waste. Micromix Soil is suitable for all types of substrates.

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