Mycor Mix strengthens and enlarges the root surface and thus improves the absorption of nutrients.

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Mycor Mix strengthens and enlarges the root surface and thus improves the absorption of nutrients.

Still many growers give plants too much nutrition. The plant can often no longer absorb these nutrients and as a result salts accumulate in the medium, causing it to acidify. The trick is to ensure that the plant can also absorb the nutrients. The Mycor Mix helps with this. The Mycor Mix contains a mix of different Mycorrhyza. Mycorrhyza are fungi that settle on the root system of the plant. The fine fungal threads increase the root surface so that more nutrients can be absorbed. This fungus lives off sugars from the plant, and in return the fungus passes on nutrients from the medium to the plant.

The use of the Mycor Mix is visible during flowering because it increases the absorption capacity of phosphorus. Phosphorus needs a plant to flower. That is why treated plants will form larger flowers, increasing the yield. It is easy to see the effects of using the Mycor Mix because the Mycor Mix is added per plant during planting. So it is possible to treat a row of plants and compare the flowering and yield with a row of untreated plants. The Mycor Mix will convince you visibly.


  • Increases the root system up to 50x or 5000%
  • Improves the absorption of phosphorus
  • 100% organic

Tips & Tricks Mycorrhyza
fungi improve the uptake of phosphorus by the plant. Plants need phosphorus to flower. An improved uptake of phosphorus ensures better flowering and larger flowers. The Mycorrhyza contributes to a higher yield.

The Mycor Mix contains a mix of endo mycorrhyza fungi. Only mycorrhyza of this type will work on your plants. There are several types that work on trees, for example, but do not work on your plant. These mycorrhyza are fixed on a substrate that feeds and protects the mycorrhyza. This ensures that the mycorrhyza in the Mycor Mix is still alive at the time of application. And because the different strains have been carefully selected, you can also be sure that the mycorrhyza is suitable for your plant.
The Mycor Mix comes in 100 grams and 1000 gram packages.

Application and dosage
Sprinkle about 1 gram of Mycor Mix in the leg opening before planting (the dosage spoon contains about 1 gram). This gives the Mycor Mix direct access to the roots.

Packaging: Pot (including dosage spoon) 1000 grams.

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