CARBONACTIVE CA800Z160 800 M³ (3.5 KG, Ø 160 MM, Ø 275 MM, H = 420 MM)


Revolutionary new filter! Equipped with the new HEPA filter technology. CarbonActive Future Filters - Swiss Made. Smaller and lighter than conventional carbon filters.

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CARBONACTIVE CA800Z160 800 M³ (3.5 KG, Ø 160 MM, Ø 275 MM, H = 420 MM)
SKU: c4145
  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Capacity: 800m3
  • Diameter: Ø275mm Height: 420mm
  • Connection: Ø160mm

Each filter comes with a special pre-filter to stop the dust. Velcro ensures that the pre-filter can easily be changed after around 2 months of use, depending on use
The advice for the fan is maximum 800m3 air displacement and minimum 600m3

Operation CarbonActive filter

Activated carbon is a micro porous form of carbon produced from peat, wood, brown or coal. It is activated by steam or by a chemical process. This activation process takes place at innumerable pores in a molecular structure (macro, meso, micro pores). Because of the carbon pores, carbon increases its absorption capacity enormously. This capacity increase can amount to 1200m2/gr. activated carbon.
The carbon filter, with the revolutionary new technique, where less carbon in reduced form ensures more precise filtering. Smaller carbon parts (0.4 to 0.8mm.) are used more optimally than the conventional carbon parts (3 to 4mm.). By splitting the carbon part in small parts, the absorption capacity is increased and the weight is reduced. Partly because of this, the lifespan is increased.

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