CARBORIGINAL 4300 M³ 350/1000 MM Ø 50 CM


An exhaust system ensures that the warm air is removed. To purify the air it is necessary to use a filter. Carboriginal carbon filters are extremely suitable for removing unpleasant odours.

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CARBORIGINAL 4300 M³ 350/1000 MM Ø 50 CM
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An exhaust ensures that the hot air is removed. To purify the air it is necessary to use a filter. Carboriginal carbon filters are extremely suitable for eliminating unpleasant odours.

A carbon filter is a metal cylinder filled with active carbon. Since carbon has the property of absorbing odours, an odour only needs to pass through the carbon layer to disappear. The purpose of a carbon filter is to always rid the air inlet and/or outlet of annoying odours or harmful gases. Some examples where carbon filters are successfully applied are: airports, clean rooms, hospitals, data centres, industrial kitchens, museums, archives and offices.

Over time, the action of the active carbon particles decreases. We therefore recommend replacing the filter cloth after 4 or 5 months for a lasting good result.


  • Flange size: Ø35 cm;
  • Height: 100 cm;
  • Diameter: 50 cm;
  • Weight: 36,5 kg.

The principle of filtering is quite simple; the active carbon of the filter neutralizes negative odors. Activated carbon is a very porous carbon made from fibrous materials such as: peat, wood, coconut shells and fruit kernels. The carbon filters contain carbon with a well-developed pore structure, which enables the filters to absorb a wide range of organic components from gas and air flows.

When choosing the capacity of the filter, it is important to take into account the capacity of the extraction fan. The fan should be at least 20% less than the carbon filter. For an exhaust fan of 600 cubic meters per hour, at least a carbon filter of 800 cubic meters should be used.

The low density carbon used for Carboriginal Air filters is extracted naturally and sieved into chunks of the required diameter. These chunks have a low weight and many more air ducts than the high density version. As a result, the low density pellets have a larger filter capacity, take longer to saturate and are very suitable for use in a humid environment.

Inner and outer jacket
The perforations in the steel outer wall are larger than with most existing carbon filters. As a result, the extraction equipment does not have to work as hard, making it less susceptible to wear and tear. The perforated inner and outer jacket have a relative air throughput of 55%.

After production,
Carboriginal Air Filters are packed in an airtight plastic protective cover and a sturdy cardboard box with pre-punched handles.

Carboriginal carbon filters are up to 1 metre long with a maximum diameter of 50 cm and made from a single piece of steel. The capacity of these filters is greater and they are stronger. Moreover, they are lighter than most other carbon filters and therefore easier to use.

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