The cooltube is pre-assembled with 4 meter cable and an IEC plug for direct connection to an ECG.

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The cooltube is pre-assembled with 4 meter cable and an IEC plug for direct connection to an ECG.

The Cooltube reflectors have been developed to dissipate the hot air produced by the high pressure lamps more efficiently. This is achieved by blowing colder air through the reflector or extracting the warm air from the reflector. Which way one chooses depends on the setup and personal preference. As long as the right conditions are adhered to, both ways are more efficient to remove warm air than an average reflector. One of the conditions is that the maximum number of reflectors that can be connected to each other, as well as the minimum and maximum distance to the plants, are adhered to. This is the only way to enjoy the Cooltubes in the end. A big advantage of the Cooltube reflector is that the reflector can be hung lower, allowing the plants to receive more light without burning through the heat.

Cooltube with reflector for horizontal lighting
The Cooltube reflector consists of a glass tube with a length of 330mm, on top of this are 2 aluminum connecting flanges mounted using heat resistant mounting kit, the total length of the tube with connecting flanges is 490mm. There is a hammer blow reflector mounted in the tube and comes with 2 side reflectors which are easily attached by means of pressure brackets. The cooltube is suitable to expose 1m2. The reflector is also provided with a porcelain fitting and 2 suspension eyelets. The fitting is not pre-assembled. The cooltube comes standard without connection cable. This Cooltube tube with reflector can be used for horizontal lighting. The internal wiring is insulated. On the terminal strip you can connect cable with a maximum diameter of 2.5 mm². The feed-through channels of this Cooltube reflector have a diameter of 150 mm at the ends. The flexible hoses such as aluconnect with hose clamps are attached to this.


  • connection Ø150mm
  • length glass 350mm
  • total length 490mm
  • with suspension eyes
  • hammerblow reflector with side caps
  • with porcelain fitting
  • for 250/400/600watt
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