Completely pre-assembled CO2 control unit.

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SKU: b16045

Fully assembled CO2 control unit consisting of:

  • Evolution Digital CO2 Controller
  • Evolution NDIR CO2 Sensor
  • Evolution CO2 Reduction valve

Evolution Digital CO2 Controller
This CO2 controller is the most advanced of its kind and has more features and functionality than any other product on the market. It can be used with or without the Evolution CO2 sensor and can optionally be connected to an external thermostat / hygrostat, creating an inexpensive entry level system with a simple and affordable future expansion option.

Evolution NDIR CO2 Sensor
The Evolution CO2 sensor uses non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology for fast and accurate CO2 measurement. A beautiful design combined with a groundbreaking low price of the sensor. The sensor is very accurate and costs less than half the price of similar products on the market, making the ultimate CO2 control and regulation system available to the average grower.

Evolution CO2 Reduction valve with solenoid valve
This controller is screwed to a CO2 bottle and the electric valve is connected to the controller.

CO2 - Carbon dioxide
The average level of CO2 in the surrounding air is 300-400ppm. Fast-growing plants in your growroom or greenhouse can use up all available CO2 in less than 1 hour, causing a delay in photosynthesis and thus virtually stopping the growth of the plants. That is why carbon dioxide is one of the most important factors in horticulture.

The process of photosynthesis involves plants converting carbon dioxide (CO2) into carbohydrates (forms of CH2O, such as glucose) and free oxygen (O2) under the influence of (solar) light and water (H2O). They absorb the water from the soil with their roots. The carbon dioxide and oxygen are exchanged with the air via stomata in the leaf. And the carbohydrates are used as building blocks for the plant.

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