Metal silencer for fans and speech silencers. Length 50 cm and Ø 315 mm connecting flanges.

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Metal silencer for fans and speech silencers. Length 50 cm and Ø 315 mm connecting flanges.

These silencers are of very high quality and made entirely of galvanized sheet steel, making them absolutely corrosion free. The connecting flanges are securely mounted to the silencers using screws and rivets. On the inside they are fitted with a long fibrous glass wool blanket with a volume weight of approx. 24 kg/m3. This ensures high sound absorption and low emitted noise. Non-combustible according to DIN 4102 class A1.


  • As about voice damper
  • After return grilles
  • For supply grilles
  • Behind volume controls, fans etc.

Product information:

  • silencer for e.g. speech attenuation, fans
  • damper length = 500mm
  • damper diameter: Ø400mm
  • connecting flanges Ø315 mm
  • made of galvanized sheet steel

Operation of the silencer
The principle of silencers is as simple as it is effective; fans that blow off or suck in ensure that the air flowing through them creates a powerful vortex which, of course, also produces noise. This air is thrown through the exhaust duct towards the silencer. As soon as the air reaches the silencer, it is forced through the insulating layer of the silencer by its rotating movement, this insulating layer then ensures the absorption of the sound produced. As a result, the air flowing directly from the silencer produces virtually no sound at all. If one assembles the silencer correctly and chooses the right capacity fan for the right silencer, it is possible to make a whisper-quiet installation.
Which silencer on which fan ?
In order to make a capacity calculation which silencer fits which fan, one can assume the connection flange of the silencer and the fan to be used. In fact, if a silencer has, for example, 125 mm connecting flanges, one may combine a fan with a maximum flange diameter of 125 mm. However, one can, for example, connect a fan with a connection diameter of 100 mm to a silencer with a flange diameter of 125 mm using ventilation fittings. In any case, a higher flange diameter fan may not be connected to a silencer with smaller flange connections.

Mounting the silencer In
order to achieve an optimum sound attenuating effect, it is important to position the silencer with the discharge side as close as possible to the place where the extracted air is blown to the outside. Since this is not possible in all places, it is recommended that at least the extension used between the discharge side of the silencer and the place where the exhaust air is discharged to the outside is as short as possible. All extensions mounted on the discharge side of the silencer eliminate part of the damping effect. Place the silencer with the discharge side as described above, it can be suspended from a chain, mounted on a shelf or support, or laid on the ground. Either way, make sure that the silencer is securely mounted. Slide the hose connected to the exhaust or intake fan (depending on which one wants to muffle the air noise) over the remaining flange of the silencer, the hose can be attached with hose clamps or strong tape. If the diameter of the hose of the fan to be used is thinner than the connection of the silencer, this can be compensated with a reducer or a flange bushing (the choice for reducer or flange bushing refers only to the situation on site) with the same diameter as the connections of the silencer. The reducer or flange bushing fits into the connections of the silencer. It must be ensured that both connections of the silencer fit properly to the fittings used in order to obtain a leak-free seal.

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