Super lightweight filter (7.6 KG Ø400MM H=400MM). Green Filters last up to 1.5x as long as a conventional carbon filter!

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Super lightweight filter (7.6 KG Ø400MM H=400MM). Green Filters last up to 1.5x as long as a conventional carbon filter!

Green Filter is a leading French brand that has been designing and manufacturing air filters since 1995. Green Filter is mainly known for the successes that have been achieved in car, motor and water sports.

Green Carbon Air Filters are super light filters of the new generation, with activated carbon of very high quality. Green Carbon Active filters are available with capacities from 300m³/h up to 3300m³h.

  • Weight: 7.60 kg
  • Number of activated carbon layers 2
  • Fold height 38mm
  • Capacity: 1500 m3
  • Diameter: Ø400mm
  • Height: 400mm
  • Connection: Ø315mm

Each Green Carbon Air Filter comes with a special pre-filter to stop the dust and a matching hose clamp. Elastic in the pre-filter makes it easy to change the pre-filter after around 2 months of use, depending on use.


  • Flange and bottom constructed of 100% elastomer*, a plastic with rubbery properties.
  • Due to the elastic plastic flange it fits directly on the extractor.
  • Very high quality activated carbon.
  • Grid structure in the filter mesh for perfect rigidity.
  • Effectiveness: approximately 12 to 18 months.
  • Comes with matching pre-filter and hose clamp

*An elastomer is a plastic that has a high elastic capacity, sometimes with more than 100% elastic deformation. Elastic deformation means that the material can return to its original shape after the load has been removed.

Operation CarbonActive filter Activ
ated carbon is a micro porous form of carbon produced from peat, wood, brown or coal. It is activated by steam or by a chemical process. This activation process takes place at countless pores in a molecular structure (macro, meso, micro pores). Because of the carbon pores, carbon increases its absorption capacity enormously. This capacity increase can amount to 1200m2/gr. activated carbon.

The carbon filter, with the revolutionary new technique, where less carbon in reduced form ensures a more precise filtering. Smaller carbon parts (0.4 to 0.8mm.) are used better than the conventional carbon parts (3 to 4mm.). By splitting the carbon part in small parts, the absorption capacity is increased and the weight is reduced. Partly because of this, the lifespan is increased.

A pre-filter is essential for the proper functioning of the carbon filter. If the pre-filter is saturated (you can see this by the dirness/blackness of the cloth), no/less odour will pass through the filter and you will need to replace the cover. We recommend replacing the cover after 10 to 15 weeks.

Without the cover, the filter will become clogged with dust, which will affect the filter's setting time. Make sure to always have a filter cover around your filter. The covers are for filtering out the excess dust from your room.

Special pre-filter cloth

  • Binds all coarse dust particles larger than 0.0004mm. (0.4µm), which extends the service life,
  • Elastic in the pre-filter cloth makes it easy to change the cloth.
  • The Green Carbon Air filter sleeves are available for all sizes of Green Filters.
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