The SMSCOM TwinController PRO MK2 is a software controlled controller with MOTION FLOW. The software ensures that the TwinController runs the extractors at a fixed speed around the set temperature. No more peaks and troughs.

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The SMSCOM TwinController PRO MK2 is a software-controlled controller with MOTION FLOW. The software ensures that the TwinController runs the extractors at a fixed speed around the set temperature. No more peaks and troughs. This new technique results in a more even temperature progression and at the same time a quieter operation of your extractors. You operate the controller with just three rotary knobs (desired temperature, minimum speed and maximum speed).

What the PRO-version of the TwinController has in addition to the advanced software is also the option to connect a light sensor. This combination makes it possible to control the humidity in your room at night as well. The light sensor can be purchased separately. Another advantage is that with the TwinController PRO you can control several slaves with one device, up to a maximum of 7A. This means that you do not have to buy a high-performance controller right away, but you can start with a smaller twin controller (e.g. of 7A) and possibly expand it later. This saves you costs!

PRO function
With the PRO function, the controller knows exactly when it is night and takes extra care of humid air. When the light sensor detects that the room is dark, the night program is started. During this program, the TwinController extracts the room every hour without affecting the temperature. This prevents an accumulation of moist air and the formation of moulds. The flashing LED 'Humidity' shows that the night program is active.

As soon as it is light, the PRO function is switched off. From that moment on, the controller regulates the extraction in the normal way again. The night program is important because condensation occurs mainly at night due to a lower temperature compared to during the day.


  • Electronic, accurate climate control;
  • Simple operation by means of 3 rotary knobs;
  • Maximum load capacity up to 7A/1600 watts;
  • 5 meters NTC temperature sensor included;
  • Spare fuse included;
  • Possibility to connect a light sensor;
  • Software controlled;
  • 5 years warranty.

User manual

  • Connect your fans correctly to the blue sockets (small fan = IN/large fan = OUT);
  • Set the desired MINIMUM fan speed with button 1 (e.g. 30%);
  • Set the desired temperature with button 2 (e.g. 25 °C);
  • Set the desired MAXIMUM fan speed with button 3 (e.g. 95%);
  • Place the temperature sensor in your room. Caution, not in direct airflow or directly under a light source;
  • Place the light sensor in your room, facing the light source, do not remove the cap yet!
  • Now connect the TwinController PRO to the mains.

When connecting, the TwinController will scan the room for the first 5 minutes for the best control of the fans (during this time the fans will turn harder and softer). After this scanning process the controller always knows the perfect speed to control the fans for a constant temperature. Of course you can only connect one fan, then connect it to "FAN AIR OUT".

Do not forget to remove the cover of the light sensor in order to activate the PRO function!

Attention: Fans running too slowly cause too much noise, too little refreshment and the risk of the fans malfunctioning. So make sure that the minimum setting is not set too low.

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