The Advanced Star Light Light Mover will move your grow lights back and forth up to an adjustable span of up to 2 meters.

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The Advanced Star Light Light Mover will move your grow lights back and forth up to an adjustable span of up to 2 meters. This creates a better and more even light distribution and the system allows you to position the lighting closer to your plants.


  • Easy to install;
  • Reliable and economical;
  • Fully adjustable delay;
  • Magnetic sensor technology;
  • Adjustable lamp moving distance;
  • Plants closer to lighting;
  • Perfect for any reflector;
  • Supports reflectors up to 10 kg;
  • Completely new design.

Growing plants with fixed grow light
A fixed grow light causes shade under the crown roof (top of the plants) due to the light mainly absorbed by the upper leaves. This can lead to a colour spectrum shift with the result that plants tend to grow excessively lengthwise. Uneven distribution of light energy can cause plants to bend in the direction of the light, resulting in less optiamal growth.

Cultivating plants using the StarLight light rail system
Using a StarLight light rail system eliminates the fixed shadows that arise when using a static lighting system. As your reflector moves forwards and backwards along the light rail system, the light angle for each plant underneath changes, allowing a greater amount of light energy to reach a larger leaf area and not just the top vegetation. The effect is healthy and natural plant growth.

Movement of light increases your yield.
Time adjustable from 2 to 120 seconds travel distance. Each leaf has the vital function to absorb light. This function is necessary for the production of flowers. The Starlight Light Mover moves the light over the tops of the plants so that the light can reach the plant from all sides. The Starlight Light Mover thus ensures even light distribution. By changing the light angle, more light can reach the lower leaves.

The Starlight Light Mover saves energy!
A fixed grow light only transmits a limited amount of light. This can only be increased by hanging more lamps.
The Starlight Light Mover shifts the available light, which results in better light distribution and reduces the need for extra lamps.

Thanks to the Starlight Light Rail System, you can increase your production by using less energy and distributing the light better. Furthermore, the Starlight Light Rail System can easily be extended by connecting units and using an extension set. This creates a chain of multiple lamps that can be controlled as a single unit.


  • No sprocket or chain;
  • Reinforced wheels;
  • Control system electromagnets;
  • Stop adjustable from 2 to 120 seconds;
  • Built-in drive clutch with traction control.

The Star Light Rail System consists of:

  • 2 metal rails of 1,1 meter;
  • 2 cable carts;
  • 2 magnetic L clamps for travel distance;
  • 1 reflector hanger motor with power cord of 4.1m;
  • Plus all necessary screws, nuts and bolts.
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